Homes and Cottages

Many Uses for PolyAll 2000

PolyAll 2000 is invaluable for restoring the wood in older homes and cottages. Once fully cured the versatility of PolyAll 2000 lets you handle it just like wood... drill, sand, tap, saw and nail, etc.

PolyAll 2000 fills, seals, bonds and repairs wood which has been damaged by water, wood rot, termites, woodworm or marine organisms. Its water-like viscosity, easy mixing and fast cure even at low temperatures make PolyAll 2000 a natural for all of those boat and dock repairs.

The application of PolyAll 2000 for the restoration of antiques, decorative or structural woodwork in historical and century homes, fence posts, decks, garden gates and window sills is unlimited.

PolyAll 2000 Wooden Table Repair PolyAll 2000 Wood Boat Repair PolyAll 2000 Antique Car Repair

Set Up Time, an unbelievable three minutes at 70 Degrees Fahrenheit!

Sand it and paint it in ten minutes!

Try that with any other filler!