Rotten Wood Repair

Repair Rotten Wood with PolyAll 2000

Rotten Wood

PolyAll 2000 Repair Rotten Wood

Pouring PolyAll 2000 Into Rotten Wood

PolyAll 2000 Repair Rotten Wood

Solidified PolyAll 2000 Reinforcing Rotten Wood

PolyAll 2000 Repair Rotten Wood

Cut Wood with PolyAll 2000 Showing Right Through

PolyAll 2000 Repair Rotten Wood

PolyAll 2000 is one of the most versatile home and industrial chemical products in the high tech arsenal of modern fillers and epoxies.

Like epoxy, PolyAll 2000 is a two-part system but unlike epoxy, it has the initial consistency of water. This enables it to soak into any porous surface or flow between two broken parts that have to be bonded but cannot be separated.

PolyAll 2000 is a urethane that mixes, pours and penetrates like water then hardens into a hard, durable, waterproof plastic and it does all this in JUST THREE MINUTES at room temperature. It can be sanded and painted in six to ten minutes. PolyAll 2000 can even be used outside in the winter and will set in thirty minutes at 32 degrees.

Use PolyAll 2000 to restore rotten wood for perfect fixes.